Why Home Made Soap?

When lye and oils saponify, natural occurrences take place.  Glycerin is created….wonderful….natural…..glycerin.  Glycerin is an extremely necessary component of healthy, elastic skin.  Glycerin naturally moisturizes the skin and keeps its healthy glow and feel.  Everyone (men included) want their skin to feel soft, smooth and moist.  Glycerin is what provides us that wonderful feeling – the feeling we seek when we bathe our bodies in hand and body lotion after showering and shaving.

But guess what?  The commercial soap manufacturers know this also.  During their manufacturing process, they extract the glycerin from the soap and replace it with detergents and chemicals. They then process the glycerin into other products like hand and body lotion, creams, balms, and other moisturizers. That’ right, they remove it from their soaps just so they can sell an additional product that contains what you should have had in the bar of soap you bathed with in the first place!  Now that you are out of your bath or shower, you must apply their additional product to make your skin feel soft or risk dry, tight skin usually within 30 minutes after bathing….pretty sneaky, huh?  But, that’s capitalism at its  finest.

This is the reason we decided to start making soap ourselves – the old fashioned way.  We remove nothing.  You can bathe and moisturize at the same time.  Our soap is great for shampoo, too.  It will leave your hair clean, oil free and your scalp is not left dried out, flakey or itchy.  Go back to the basics – Mother Nature and bathe with our natural home made soaps with glycerin.

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