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Pumpkin Cheesecake Candle & Soap

Rednecks Candle & Soap

Rat Tail

Country Crow Collection

Candy Corn Soap & Candles

Peppermint Collection

Kandy Kane Candle Scent & Soap


Rooster Candle Scent & Soap
also Rooster Shaped Soap

Lavender Scented Candles & Soap
Lavender Vanilla, Lavender Bouquet
and Lavender Mint

Country Crow Scented Candle & Soap


Country Pig Scented Candle
 & Pig Shaped Soap In A
Wrought Iron Pig Soap Dish

Soap Shaped Like Cowboy Boots
In Assorted Fragrances And Wrought
Iron Steer Soap Dish

Horse Shaped Soap In Assorted Scents
And Wrought Iron Horse Soap Dish

"Bad To The Bone" Soap Shaped Like
A Bone For Your Man Or Other Beasts
In Assorted Fragrances

Gingerbread And Gingersnap Candles
And Soap Shaped Like A GingerBreadMan

Rooster Scented Soap And Wrought
Iron Rooster Soap Dishes

Snowmen Scented Candles


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